Going to church, or giving money, or being good or anything at all – none of this is going to impress God or put us in some kind of bargaining position! God doesn’t need anything from us: God’s already perfect. And even if we did every good deed imaginable, we’d never reach the baseline of God’s standard of holiness.

God isn’t interested in staying out of or lives until we have some crisis or other: God wants to be part of our lives in good and bad, 24/7. God in Jesus became human because God loves us so much God wants to share in our lives and to give us the gift of life in all its fullness. That’s the kind of life in which we have the confidence to embrace both times of joy and trouble, because we know that God is with us. We can live and love boldly. We don’t have to live fearfully, crossing our fingers that God will “rescue” us in the future, because we are already experiencing God now.