Update 7 July 2020:

The latest news on face-to-face events, as authorised by Parish Council

Bible study groups are running:

  • There are three groups: Sunday 5pm (via Zoom), Wednesday 2pm and Wednesday 7pm (both in the church meeting room).
  • With social distancing restrictions, both Wednesday groups are already at maximum capacity. Being online, there are plenty of spaces in the Sunday group. Contact Revd Bryce if you would like to join or find out more.

Sunday morning worship has resumed:

  • 9am in the church
  • With social distancing restrictions, numbers are limited, and you will need to contact Eduardo if you want to come.
  • Email  Sunday@gchurch.org.au or phone 0414 513 782

No other parish activities are permitted on church property until further notice.

For more information, call Revd Bryce on 0425 746 839, or Revd Barbara on 0414 706 808. Revd Barbara is available in the evenings or on weekends. Currently, Revd Bryce is available any day except Monday.