Welcome to episode eleven of the St Matthew’s in Conversation podcast.

Each week, Revd Bryce leads a conversation about life, faith, God and the Bible.

In this episode, Revd Bryce Amner, Revd John Power and Eric Best discuss the Trinity. Did you know the word ‘Trinity’ is not actually in the Bible? Then why do Christians keep claiming that ‘God is one in three persons’? Maybe the point of the concept is not about us intellectually understanding the nature of God but of helping give shape to the way we experience God – as relationship and invitation. Plus drunk theology, being a toaster, Jesus’ DNA and more. Please ‘like’, ‘follow’, or ‘share’ this podcast or comment on our Facebook page. The Bible readings are for Sunday 7 June: Exodus 34:1–8, 2 Corinthians 13:11–13 and Matthew 28:16–20.

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