Lent is the name given to the period of 40 days leading up to Easter. Traditionally Christians have used this time as a period  of reflection, recommitment and renewal. The “official” church colour for Lent is purple, which symbolises both royalty (Jesus as King) and repentance.

Ash Wednesday

Come to one of our two services of Holy Communion featuring the “imposition of ashes”. During the service we can choose to have the sign of the cross marked on our foreheads with ashes as a sign that we repent of our sins and turn to Jesus and as a reminder that we are mortals who depend on God for life itself.

Two services: Wednesday 6 March February at 10am and 6.15pm.

Lent Bible Study

Revd Bryce will lead two weekly study groups for anyone interested in finding out more about following Jesus by reading about him in God’s word, the Bible. Both groups will be using a Bible study booklet called “Pilgrim”.

Two sessions: 2pm and 7pm Wednesdays, weekly from 6 March until Easter (six weeks). Anyone is welcome.

Lent: Ash Wednesday and Bible studies