Lots of people think that “if you’re a good person, God will bless you”. Job’s friends thought that “if you’re not being blessed, you must be a bad person”. But as Job reflected on why disaster had struck, he could only ask “why?” But when God finally appears at the end of the book, that’s the one question God doesn’t answer. It turns out the real question is “who?”

Listen to the sermon preached by the Revd Bryce Amner on Sunday 7 October 2018.

The scripture readings are Job 1:1–2:13, as well as Job 11:1–6; 11:13–20; 18:5–21; 19:1–6; 19:23–27; 21:7–15; 38:1–11; 38:16–21.

26 min

On being good and being blessed