Sometimes we can seem very concerned about growing numerically at church – getting more “bums on seats”. While this is important, it’s also vital that we existing members of the church are growing spiritually – progressing and developing as disciples of Jesus. I suspect that if we’re not growing spiritually we aren’t going to be too successful at growing numerically.

Here are four things that St Matthew’s offers to help us each grow spiritually. I encourage you to be part of them.

Revd Bryce Amner.

  1. We have two Bible study groups that meet every Wednesday. Join one, and you’ll find yourself growing in knowledge, and in faith. Or ask for the notes so you can learn on your own.
  2. We have a sermon podcast. You can listen to the sermons at home, or if you’re away. God’s word is challenging, and our weekly sermons make God’s challenge relevant to our lives.
  3. Our weekly News Sheet (which you can pick up in church) includes a section headed “Please Pray…”. Please remember the people and issues listed your daily prayers. You’ll know that you’re joining with others in our parish as you pray.
  4. Read the Bible readings for next Sunday during the week. They’re also listed in our weekly News Sheet.. It will only take a few minutes, but God can use this to help you grow in faith and understanding.
Reflection: How to grow spiritually